2012 Presentations

Day One

5 November 2012

Day Two

6 November 2012

Session 4:  Certification

ALMARZA, Joaquin:  "Chilean Wine Certification"

BERNADHETA, Mia & TRI, Mareta:  "Regulation on Alcoholic Beverages in Indonesia"

BURDON, Bruce:  "Export Certification: A New Zealand Perspective"

GUY, Steve:  "Australia's certification system for imported wine"

HUIMIN, Ho:  "Chinese Taipei: Inspection System of Imported Alcohol"

MCCARTHY, Theresa:  "Certification"

PAVLOVICH, Drasko:  "eCert Paperless Export Certification"

WELCH, Karen:  "Certification and U.S.-China Wine Trade"

Session 5:  Where to from here

CLARK, Andreas:  "Where to from here"