2013 Washington, DC Presentations

day ONE

5 November 2013

Session 1:  Technical Elements of the Multi-Year Project

GUO, Dehua:  "The testing of import wine in China"

KOLESNOV, Alexander:  "Russian Federation: Testing of wine for regulatory compliance and product safety"

MATSUMARU, Katsumi: "Alcoholic Beverage Sampling Program in Japan"

Session 2:  Laboratory Capacity Building Needs for Wine Testing in APEC Economies

Session 3:  Fit for Purpose Methods for Wine Analysis - Performance Criteria

THORNGATE, John: "Fit for Purpose Methods for Wine Analysis"

Session 4:  Laboratory Quality and Capabilities for Wine Analysis in International Trade

AMMANN, Jeffrey PhD: "Chemist Certification Program of Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)"

day 3

6 November 2013

Session 1:  Joint APEC WRF and WWTG Regulators Forum

Session 2:  Wine Academy - Technical Tour of Vineyard, Winery, Laboratory

Session 3:  Wine Safety Protocols and APEC WWTG Panel work on MRLs

CROWE, Megan:  "APEC FSCF Regulatory Cooperation Plan Pesticide MRLs Roadmap"

Session 4:  Working Session on the APEC 5-Year Project