2014 Beijing Presentations

Day One

11 September 2014

Economy Roundtable:

LOM, John:  "China Briefing"

YU, Edward:  "Hong Kong, China: A Confidence Case"

Asian Economy Perspective:  Focus on China Wine Production and Importation

DE MEI, Li:  "China Wine Production and Consumption"

Session 1:  Export Certificates

ALMARZA, Joaquin:  "Study on Export Certificates in APEC Economies"

STRADTMAN, Jennifer:  "APEC Wine Regulatory Forum Export Certification: 2018 Goal Paper"

Session 2:  Wine Technical Focus

HODSON, Greg & TALLMAN, Steve:  "Testing Sugar in Wine"

TIAN, Ling:  "Heavy Metal in Wine"

XINLU, Ni:  "Sugar Testing Method for Wine"

Session 3:  Maximum Residue Levels

BATTAGLENE, Tony:  "Report of the APEC Wine Regulatory Forum Working Group on MRLs"

LING, Joanne:  "Chinese Taipei's Perspectives on the MRLs - the Case of Hop"

WWTG:  "Resolving Pesticide Residue-related Trade Issues"

ZHONGYUE, Wang:  "The Situation of Import Wine Management"