2015 Adelaide Presentations

Day One

11 November 2015

Combined session with WWTG (both industry and government) & APEC Regulators:

SMITH, Kate:  "History of the World Wine Trade Group and its Achievements"

HUANG, Yutong:  "Development of Chinese Food & Wine Standard"

NEDIALKOVA, Patricia:  "International Wine Technical Summit - Building on the Tbilisi Statement"

BAILEY, Peter:  "Wine in the APEC region"

Day Two

12 November 2015

Session 1:  Economy Roundtable

HSKAR, CHINA:  "Food Safety Regulation for Wine in HKSAR, CHINA"

KOLESNOV, Alexander:  "Russian Federation: Short review of the actual state and key changes on wine legislation"

PALOMAR, Sofia Guadalupe Flores:  "Economy Roundtable:  MEXICO"

PASZKOWSKI, Dan:  "Canada's System for Wine Regulation"

PING, Huan:  "Roundtable Discussion"

RAMADAS, Thayalan:  "Malaysia: Proposed new regulations"

THAILAND:  "Thailand's System for Wine Regulation"

Session 2:  Consumer Economy Perspective:  Focus on risk management

BREACH, Jonathon:  "Risk Management Principles & Practice: Facilitating Regulatory Reform"

HODSON, Greg PhD:  "The Microbial Safety of Wine"

PING, Huan:  "China Risk Management of Imported Wine"

TRIGGS, Rachel:  "AGWA's Approach to Risk Assessment"

WWTG:  "Microbial Food Safety of Wine"

Session 3:  Compendia:  Certification, Labelling, Safety, Pesticide MRLs

LAPORTE, Jacqueline:  "FIVS-Abridge Database Demonstration"

Session 4:  Working Group on Export Certificates

"APEC Model Wine Certificate Instructions"

"APEC Model Wine Certificate"

Session 5:  Maximum Residue Limits

CROSSLEY, Steve J.:  "Progress with the Food Safety Co-operation Forum (FSCF) MRL Initiative"

Day Three

13 November 2015

Session 6:  Enhanced Risk Controls

CURTIN, Chris:  "Microbial safety and wine"

HERDERICH, Markus:  "AWRI: Wine Authentication"

KOLESNOV, Alexander:  "Russian Federation: Short review of mandatory tests for imported wine"

NEDIALKOVA, Patricia PhD:  "Methods Compendium - Alcohol Example"

TIAN, Ling:  "Sulphur Dioxide in Wine"

TIAN, Ling:  "The Application of IRMS Methods for Detection of Wine Adulteration"

WILKES, Eric:  "APEC Wine Analysis Ring Test Results"

WILKES, Eric:  "AWRI: Introduction"

Session 7:  International Perspective

ANNISON, Geoffrey PhD:  "Industry Regulation Cooperation - Australian Perspectives No2"

BATTAGLENE, Tony:  "APEC Wine Regulatory Forum presentation on international issues"

Session 8:  Future Directions