2016 Ottawa Presentations

Day Two

7 October 2016

Session 7:  Opening Remarks

PASZKOWSKI, Dan:  "Wine in Canada"

Session 8:  APEC Wine Trade Presentation

Session 9:  Working Group on Good Regulatory Practices


CLARKE, Jeffrey:  "Developing a Guide for Wine Standards"

CLARKE, Jeffrey:  "Good Regulatory Practices Working Group"

HUCKABA, Paul:  "Substances Permitted for use in Winemaking - A Winemaker's Story"

Session 10:  Update recent meetings:  International Wine Technical Summit and the Codex Food Additives Meeting

BATTAGLENE, Tony:  "Codex Committee on Food Additives"

"Electronic Working Group Grape Wines Participants List"

"Electronic Working Group on the Food Additives of Food category No.14.2.3 "Grape wines""

MCDONALD, Laurie:  "International Wine Technical Summit Update"

Session 11:  Pesticide Maximum Residue Limit Working Group

"APEC Roadtest Questionnaire"

BATTAGLENE, Tony:  "APEC Wine Regulatory Forum report on Pesticide MRLs"

"Example of a Codex-based Import MRL Request - FENHEXAMID"

"Example of a Codex-based Import MRL Request - FLUXAPYROXAD"

"Example of a Codex-based Import MRL Request - SULFOXAFLOR"

"Example of a Non Codex-based Import MRL Request - SPIROXAMINE"

FIVS:  "Methanol in Wine"

PARRA, Patricio:  "Pesticides Project"

SIDAL Limitida:  "Degradation Curves, Transfer Rates and Monitoring System for grape and wine pesticide residues in the viticulture industry"

Session 12:  Recent Developments in Regulatory Practices in Wine - the Example of Methanol

HODSON, Greg & WILKES, Eric:  "The Regulatory Example of Methanol in Wine"

Session 13:  2016 Outcomes Document

Session 14:  Remarks from 2017 APEC Host Economy

VAN HONG, Vu:  "Welcome to APEC Viet Nam 2017"